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Innovative Technologies

Radiofrequency (RF) electrosurgical systems, first developed in 1928, are the most common energy sources used for cutting and hemostasis is surgery. But not all systems are the same. Unlike the low frequency, high temperature products that are widely used for general surgery, the high frequency, low temperature technology developed by Ellman International is optimized for applications where minimal collateral tissue damage is desired.

Ellman’s 4.0 MHz generators, at a frequency 7-10 times higher than standard generators, provide surgical precision and controlled hemostasis. This advanced technology produces minimal lateral thermal spread, reducing the injury to surrounding tissue. The clinical benefits are minimal scar tissue formation, enhanced healing and minimal post-operative pain - all highly desirable for aesthetic surgery.

A study from the University of Iowa compared thermal damage from the Ellman high frequency generator to 2 leading low frequency RF generators in porcine tissue. The histological analysis demonstrated that the Ellman generator resulted in 73% less thermal spread1 than the other products in the study.

With hundreds of compatible electrodes and several models of generators from which to choose, Ellman has a high frequency RF system to meet the surgical needs of surgeons in multiple specialties worldwide.

1The Clinical Significance of 4.0 MHz

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